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About Us

SWAGPRO Medical Billing Services, with over two decades of experience in the healthcare revenue cycle management domain, we have seen the industry evolve over the years. We understand how practices are constantly burdened with the strain of payment reductions, policy changes, and increasing demands on providers’ time and effort to document each and every aspect of patient care. The end result, improved documentation quality leads to decreased quality of provider-patient interaction more often than not.

At SWAGPRO Medical Billing Services, our intuitive medical billing and medical coding processes take all of this burden off physicians and help enhance patient engagement and improve care outcomes.

We are results-oriented medical billing outsourced services company with globally renowned credentials and proven accolades in the industry.

SWAGPRO Medical Billing Services is the brainchild of years of market research, consumer pain points and overall commitment to creating a world-class Medical Billing Services & Process solutions company that stands as a benchmark for quality with practicality, and consistent results with utmost peace of mind

  • Competitive Price
  • Reduce your overall expenses
  • Maximize your reimbursements
  • Uninterrupted service & stability

Extension of your Practice

Payment posting marks the end of the medical billing cycle, where the payment records of every patient are recorded in the billing management software. Some of the services we offer include:

We work passionately to ensure that we remain on top of what we do best. We strive to enable our clients in understanding what truly differentiates us from other similar establishments, and how our unique expertise will make a monumental difference to our clients.

You’re In good Hands

Saving you Time, Effort, Hassle, and Money.

Some of the most crucial challenges that medical practice and healthcare offices face in outsourcing include change of the EHR system for the office, huge investments, training and severe disruption to the cash flow. With Swagpro Medical Billing Services, you are not required to use any other system except your own! We efficiently perform all the necessary duties on your existing EHR/EMR.

With our medical billing services, you’ll successfully be able to accelerate your reimbursements, improve your account receivables and reduce your overall expenses.

By outsourcing with Swagpro Medical Billing Services, you and your staff can focus on what is really important: your medical practice and the care of your patients.

We fully immerses itself in the ecosystem of your medical practice, while embracing your office procedures and policies, and working in unison, coherence and synergy with your values, expectations, and objectives. We also provide assistance with Medical Coding, accurately and diligently verifying that all codes are correct so that you’ll not encounter any difficulties with processing patient claims.

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