Aging A/R Recovery

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Aging A/R Recovery

Healthcare providers are constantly under pressure to deliver the best service and face several challenges such as long receivable cycles. This delays the revenue, fatigues the billing teams, frustrates the financial management and destabilizes the cash flow. By outsourcing account receivable follow-up services to an experienced service provider business can overcome these challenges, reduce costs, and save on manpower.

We understand that absence of structured process makes medical billing and coding companies lose a lot of money; therefore, at Swagpro Medical Billing Services, we help such companies streamline their accounts receivable follow-up processes and generate better revenues. Our aim is to reduce the AR process time by regularly following up on the outstanding claims.

AR Follow-up Services We Offer

We have a highly experienced and expert team of medical coders and financial experts working together to help clients with their AR follow-up services. Some of the key services we offer include -

Medical Accounts Receivable Follow-up

Our financial experts will follow-up all the pending claims, investigate claim denials, initiate collections, track receivable balances, and also track down other payments that are due. This will help in increasing cash flow and reduce the number of AR days.

Accounts Receivable Recovery Services

We can efficiently detect and identify different medical billing scenarios which result in non-payment of dues and help you resolve those problems to get more number of claims paid.

Financial Reporting

We help healthcare companies in preparing different types of financial reports, including monthly analysis of the problems that cause claims denial. We help you to distinguish between collectible and non-collectible amounts and also identify coinsurance and the respective deductible amounts to the correct payers and bill them accordingly.

Insurance Follow-up

We understand how much money is lost by healthcare providers due to the lack of follow-up with insurance companies. Our insurance follow-up services are designed to ensure timely payments of claims. Our team has the required skills to aggressively follow-up on all accounts.

Clean-up of Old AR

Oftentimes, healthcare providers have large numbers of unresolved AR either through insufficient follow-up skills or lack of manpower and poor management leads to a huge backlog. Our team of AR follow-up experts can help you strategize and clear the backlogs within a quick turnaround time.

Software We Leverage

We believe in providing our clients with the best possible AR follow-up services within a quick turnaround time, without affecting their internal schedules. To make it possible, we make use of the best accounts receivable software and technologies.

Why Choose Swagpro Medical Billing Services for AR Follow-up Services?

Our multi-domain industry experience and continuous service improvement measures have helped us provide our clients with better services every time they partner with us. Some of the reasons for you to outsource accounts receivable process to us are -

Cost-effective Pricing

We provide quick and efficient medical accounts receivable follow-up services at highly cost-effective rates and help clients improve their cash flow

Financial Data Security

We have the necessary data security policies in place and sign confidentiality agreements with the client to ensure that all their critical financial data remain completely safe with us

HIPAA Compliance

When you outsource to us, we sign a HIPAA agreement which assures you that the patient and treatment data is not divulged to any third party firm

Highly Accurate Services

We ensure that all your receivables are checked thoroughly on a regular basis and all the accounts are updated with the latest data to prevent outstanding claims from going unnoticed

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand that time is money. Hence, we provide our services within a quick turnaround time and ensure that your schedules are not affected

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our team of financial experts has access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, which enables them to provide highly efficient services for global clients

Single Point of Contact

We assign a dedicated project manager when you outsource to us who will be a single point of contact and will keep you updated at every stage of the project

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