MACRA/ MIPS Reporting

Stop stressing over MIPS - we are here to help!

MACRA/ MIPS Reporting

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) programs present challenging obstacles for practices and healthcare organizations of all sizes. The Quality Payment Program’s (QPP) Merit-Based Inventive Payment System (MIPS) adds to the long list of regulatory mandates eligible clinicians must adhere to. No, it’s not easy - but yes, with help, you can succeed.

Challenge points:

Aligning MIPS with efficient and effective workflows within your EHR and practice protocols.

Understanding and staying current with rule and measure changes. The final rule for CMS and ONC can easily run over 2000 pages each.

Increasing need for dedicated staff to manage documentation and process improvement changes, monitor reporting and scoring and performing attestations.

Swagpro Medical Billing Services MIPS and MACRA consulting services help practices gain the core competencies offices like yours need to succeed. We offer multiple tiers of consulting services designed to help you with:

Audit file preparation

Pre-attestation reviews

Targeted review and hardship guidance

Attestation assistance

MIPS audit assistance

Case submission and tracking

Quality registration consultation

Custom audit preparation support

ASCQR Reporting Assistance

Our expert will help you select activities, make recommendations on how to perform, manage and track the activity and can help you with the documentation you will need to have on file.

No matter which service option you choose, we can help you reach and help you maintain your highest scoring potential.

We support you before, during, and after the submission period

Your primary concern is caring for patients, not reading the fine print on federal regulations. That’s why we are here all year long to provide support, guidance, and advice, with helpful information on how to use your EHR more efficiently while meeting new regulations and guidance. Plus, we’ll be there when you need us the most — if you are ever audited, we will be there continuously, during the whole process, to help and guide you.

Why Swagpro Medical Billing Services

We understand provider needs and have been honing our services as regulations have changed over the years. We offer cutting-edge solutions and superior insight that helps independent practices navigate complicated and ever-changing regulations.

Practices of all sizes trust us for:

Improved financial performance

Experience that matters

Enhanced patient care quality

Help mastering evolving markets

Informed insight and critical decision-making assistance

Personal, practical advice

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